Why South Side Fitness?

In the example of a Race Car driver…

“Anyone car drive a car around a race track, but it’s how safe and fast you can get to your destination that matters.”

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Train to Attain

Train to Attain is a bespoke system that will achieve clients ultimate fitness goals.

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To achieve your best performance.

To be a strong athlete, to be a strong team mate, to be a strong parent, to be a strong person, to be a strong you.

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Get Results

The importance of strength, performance, confidence and the ability to perform is understood by the South Side Fitness team. The train to attain model WILL achieve these results.


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Quality Equipment

South Side Fitness offers the latest and most extensive range of equipment in cardiovascular, strength, rehabilitation and movement functional training.

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The South Side Fitness ‘Train to Attain’ model consists of:

*Personal goal setting.
*Bespoke training programs.
*Appointed specialist Personal Trainer.
*Timeline and time management mentoring.
*Dietitian and Nutrition support
*Associated contacts and affiliations.
*South Side Fitness support network.

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